Wendy Polanco

 Jamaica Plain APAC
Citywide Boston Hispanic Center

“Volunteer because it’s not only a good thing you’re doing, but you feel great about it when you’re helping someone. You just feel like it made your day at the end of the day, knowing that you helped someone get better in life… I couldn’t do this work without all the women who came before me and helped me.”

Wendy Polanco serves as the President of the Mildred Hailey Apartments Tenant Organization. With her office located just upstairs from the ABCD Jamaica Plain space, she works daily to unify the Jamaica Plain community and inform individuals and families of the services ABCD offers. As a parent of two children, Wendy found herself needing help when she moved to Boston and through the services she received she became heavily involved in the community. Since 2014 she has been volunteering in the Jamaica Plain community and is a daily resource for both ABCD and residents of the community.

As the President of the Tenant Organization, she hosts monthly meetings during which different community organizations meet to exchange resources, brainstorm ideas, and discuss important issues in Jamaica Plain. ABCD maintains a close relationship with the Tenant Organization and Wendy is among one of the first partners ABCD Jamaica Plain calls when recruiting for programming, especially our youth programming. She aids us in maintaining our presence in the community by continuously promoting our services and referring children and families to our site. Wendy fosters an environment that brings people together and we look forward to continuing our partnership.