Susan Lenardis

South Boston APAC

“I’m not a stepping stone, but I’m certainly a pebble where I can influence and shape the lives of people in need. If it feels right, I do it.”

With over 35 years of volunteer experience in South Boston, Susan has proven to be a crucial link between impoverished residents in that community and service providers like ABCD to help them meet their food security, fuel assistance and career development needs.

Susan’s passion for helping those less fortunate often takes her to the streets where she can be found handing out Mason jars filled with her delicious homemade sauces and to local residents. A former executive director for the Old Colony Tenants Association, and as a longtime supporter for the Boston Housing Authority, Susan focuses much of her energy these days on completing small but impactful community action tasks like buying water in bulk and passing it out on hot summer days, providing free notary services and supporting community development events around the city.

On at least seven different occasions, Susan has helped saved people from life-threatening situations by providing them NARCAN, the opioid overdose reversal medication.