Patricia Ausiello

Elder Services

“Volunteering gives me a purpose and even gives me confidence. I really love working with the kids in the Head Start program because I get to watch them grow and learn to be independent. It’s great to be part of that process. I like to tell people I’ve been in the second grade for 10 years and I love it.”

Patty has been a Foster Grandparent volunteer for 10 years at the Benjamin Brown School in Somerville and her commitment to the young students she serves there has only increased over time. She consistently volunteered at the school eight hours a day, five days a week this past year.

Earlier this year when another volunteer at the school was out on leave and her classroom of second-grade children was struggling without her, Patty was asked if she would mind splitting her volunteer time between the two classrooms. Without hesitation, she jumped in to offer her services.  Patty offered to take notes, give rides to other volunteers and so much more.

When not in the classroom Patty can be contributing her time and talents at her church in Arlington or offering her services at the local polling stations during elections. She helps carry on the ABCD mission by providing support, love, and help to the entire community. 

Patty is a great representation of how connecting generations is so important not only for our youth but our seniors as well. Patty is highly appreciated and adored by both her school and the ABCD staff in the Foster Grandparents program.