Nicole Grant

Youth Services

“I like nothing better than to connect with young people and get them to understand that they can trust me… If I can help someone get to where they need to be, I feel like I’ve done my job.”

Nicole, who began her law enforcement career in 1996, has held several different assignments with Boston Police Department — patrol officer, media relations specialist and member of the Crime Stoppers Unit. But as much as she enjoyed each assignment, none have given her as much pleasure as her current role with newly created Bureau of Community Engagement, where she serves as a Citywide Community Liaison.

Partnering with Officer Jeffrey Lopes, who created the ABCD sponsored after-school program “We Belong”, Officer Grant meets regularly with at-risk youth to start an open dialogue with them to learn about their daily struggles, concerns and goals. She refers to herself as a mentor, a resource and intermediary for over two dozen young people in the Police Department’s Summer Leadership Academy who otherwise wouldn’t know where to turn for sound advice and guidance.

As a result of Nicole’s work in the community, the Boston Police Department has been able to refer Boston’s at-risk youth to the Northeastern University’s First Teen Academy and Boston College’s First Teen Academy.