Matilda Drayton

Parker Hill/Fenway NSC

“My compassion for serving others gives me inspiration to better my community.”


Matilda Drayton, single mother of three daughters and grandmother of  five, is an upstanding member of the Mission Hill Community. She serves on many neighborhood boards including: The Tobin Community Center, Mission Hill Neighborhood Housing Services, Wentworth Master Plan, the Mayor’s Monitors Committee and ABCD. For 20 years Matilda has served on the ABCD Parker Hill/Fenway Neighborhood Service Center Board of Directors. During this time she has helped to advocate for the organization and spread information about the many services ABCD offers to members of the community. While she is a champion for ABCD some of her most impressive advocacy has been for the Alice Heywood Taylor Developments where she lives along with many ABCD clients. The Alice Taylor Developments have been redeveloped, made safer, and now partner with other organizations to bring services to those who live there with her help. Matilda is an unforgiving advocate and is unyielding in her work to improve the Mission Hill community.