Liliana Patino

Mystic Valley (Everett)

“It’s about equity and hope, supporting each person achieving their full potential, giving them the time they need, and connecting them with the appropriate resources.”

As the Director of the Family Resource Center in Everett, Liliana has become an invaluable partner of ABCD in helping families there connect with the numerous services available within the community.

Liliana has devoted her entire career to serving children and families in need. Prior to overseeing the Family Resource Center, which opened at the end of 2017 and now provides a wide variety of services including evidence based parenting classes, grandparent support, children/teens groups, LBGTQ services, food pantries, CRA and IEPs (Individualized Education Program)and more. Liliana worked as an Outpatient clinician for Eliot Community Human Services,  school clinician and Home Visitor for Healthy Families. 

The common theme throughout Liliana’s career? Where she’s worked, Liliana has held positions that provide support to children and families in an effort to foster positive mental health, physical and emotional development.