Justin Springer

Health Services

“We all have been blessed with a talent, and how we utilize those talents is the key to life. If my garden blooms with roses and vegetables but my neighbor’s garden is filled with holes and weeds, it is my duty not to ignore, but to provide nourishment and resources for my neighbor’s garden to also blossom. I was raised to believe in service.”

Justin has proven to be a tremendous asset to ABCD by lending his vast branding and marketing skills, talents and resources to help bridge gaps in how communities assess public health education and engage with various initiatives. 

Justin’s numerous accomplishments in this area include orchestrating a street outreach team every year, conducting social media platforms for many of ABCD Health Service’s programs and producing major fundraising events for the Take the Test Boston program, which ABCD Health Services is a founding member.

And Justin did all this on his own time and dime.

Justin also produced a video with local celebrity artist for ABCD’s social media campaign launch of Safer is S.E.X.Y campaign, was co-founder for BREAD (Boston’s Racial & Economic Dialogue), created the Dream Builders Youth Project at Burke High School and currently helps oversee the Fairmont Innovation Lab, which promotes inclusive innovation and entrepreneurship in Dorchester.