Joanna Cataldo

East Boston APAC

“I truly enjoy connecting people to valuable resources that can put them on a path toward personal improvement and/or advancement—in a career, interpersonal relationships, better health, or in some other meaningful way. Over the course of 25 years of working and volunteering in East Boston, I have had the privilege of supporting and celebrating many residents as they fulfill these goals.”

Joanna grew up in East Boston and has worked there for the past 25 years, most of that time in various roles at the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center. Her positions at the EBNHC include coordinator of the smoking cessation program, director of the Education and Training Institute, and for the past five years manager of the substance use and misuse prevention coalition. 

Joanna has also held positions on the Board of Directors of EBNHC as well as EBECC, and she currently serves as a secretary for the East Boston Chamber of Commerce.

Her current role brings her into contact with youth in the prevention arena all the way to adults who struggle with addiction. In this capacity Joanna serves as a connection between the East Boston Community Soup Kitchen and EBNHC. She has collaborated with the East Boston APAC for many years, helping clients who are dealing with substance use disorders gain access to vital community resources.

Joanna has also been a key player in helping the East Boston APAC schedule free NARCAN trainings for staff and clients.