Helyn C. Hall

Women’s Service Club of Boston

“Life is really not a dream to me, but it is definitely what you make it!”

The world’s first female African American professional boxing promoter and the entrepreneur behind Boston’s first African American modeling agency, trailblazer Helyn C. Hall has been a leader in social and economic justice, philanthropy, and community activism for more than five decades. Mrs. Hall, the granddaughter of freed slaves, was an educator in the Boston Public Schools, and she also broke ground as one of Boston’s first female African American broadcasters. 

Mrs. Hall’s philanthropy includes funding the annual Lorna T. Hall Scholarship, named for her late daughter, at the James P. Timilty Middle School, and an AKA Sorority endowment to the Benjamin Healthcare Center. Throughout her life, Mrs. Hall has cast a wide net with her charitable works, with her more recent efforts focusing on supporting and empowering elders and overcoming voter suppression.