Emily Wan

South End NSC

“Life is not linear. What is the most important thing is that you live your own truth. It’s okay to be brave and it’s okay to fail … because you are not going to succeed until you fail. We have to keep trying.”

Emily Wan, a native of Hong Kong, is a global citizen who utilizes her skills to not only help the South End community where she volunteers at the ABCD Neighborhood Service Center but to help the environment through her work to eradicate pollution. An innovator in her own right, she founded the e-commerce company Movement after seeing the negative impact exposure to pollution has on the overall health of people. Movement focuses on environmental responsibility and creating recyclable products.  

Inspired by her volunteer work at The Nature Conservancy in Hong Kong she knew she wanted to do work that not only educates people around her but facilitates true change. When she moved back to Boston she looked for a place where she could truly help and impact people. She found a volunteer opportunity at ABCD. “The ABCD mission is a guiding light that brings out the best in people. It is inspiring” says Wan. Since August 2018 she has been a dedicated member of the team. Through ABCD Emily has been able to integrate in the South End community and provide not only services to the center but also find a place where she is fulfilled.