Carl & Arnetta Baty

Roxbury/North Dorchester NOC

“I have to place others’ needs in front of my wants. It’s kind of hard to help somebody out of a hole you’ve never been in”
– Carl Baty

“Myself being a senior and being able to connect with more seniors, we all have the same needs, the same wants and sense of professionalism about ourselves… all these things help each other to build that bond that we need to feel we are now a population to be reckoned with”
– Arnetta Baty

Carl and Arnetta Baty met in 2010 when Carl asked Arnetta to be the Board Chair of his organization Rounding the Bases, Inc., (RTB) a non-profit that connects clients to resources such as computer trainings, clothing, employment, nutrition, health care benefits and housing information.   

Arnetta E. Baty, a native of Roderfield, West Virginia, moved to Boston at age 17 where she graduated from high school at Jamaica Plain High School. As childcare professional for 35 years, Arnetta has an Associate degree in Business and Paralegal, and her Bachelor’s degree in Human Development with a CDA in Early Childhood. Additionally, Arnetta was an Assistant Teacher at Headstart in the early 1990’s.

Carl, a native of Philadelphia, PA, is the co-founder and Executive Director of Rounding the Bases, Inc., (RTB). RTB is currently partnered with two programs with the City of Boston; the Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) and Technology Goes Home (TGH). With RSVP, RTB has two Memorandums of Understanding in affect, one as a site for their Food Delivery Program, and one for their Senior Companion Program. With TGH Carl has been an instructor, teaching basic computer skills to seniors. RTB worked with the City of Boston to conduct workshops in preparation for the second Senior Tax Preparation Day and once again prepared tax for seniors, free of charge. 

Arnetta and Carl started a Senior Coffee Hour in 2013 for seniors by seniors as a way for them to meet other seniors and talk about their life experiences over a cup of coffee and/or tea with a light snack and to get them out of their homes and away from loneliness and seclusion. 

Together they have parented 16 children, producing 29 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.