Veronica Serrato

Parker Hill/Fenway NSC

“There’s a lot of obstacles in terms of political rhetoric and in terms of citizenship. The process isn’t easy. There’s a lot of misinformation, and clients are often intimidated. Project Citizenship provides information, volunteer attorneys, services and waivers. We’re reducing a backlog of complicated cases and helping immigrants succeed in what is a dream come true for many – achieving citizenship.”

As a daughter of Mexican immigrants, Veronica Serrato joined Project Citizenship in 2014 to help other immigrant families overcome the obstacles of discrimination and bureaucracy, and better adjust in the U.S. while finding a path to naturalized citizenship.

As Project Citizenship’s Executive Director, Veronica connected with ABCD to offer more support, training, and resources so that the nonprofit could better serve the growing immigration community throughout Greater Boston.

The collaboration now oversees more than 300 immigration cases a year, providing free workshops, eligibility screening, application assistance, legal referrals and more. Project Citizenship seeks to continue increasing the naturalization rate in Massachusetts and beyond.

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Special honoree and community hero portraits by

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