Renee Cammarata Hamilton

Mystic Valley Opportunity Center

“Health is a basic human right. We must work together to dismantle the deep, structural racism that prevents historically marginalized communities from accessing the resources they need to be healthy.  Ensuring all folks can live healthy lives is a challenge that requires us to find creative solutions together, and it’s what inspires me every day.”

Renee Cammarata Hamilton, MSW, MPA, has spent many years working in support of poverty eradication and community health. She is the Director of Malden Health Improvement at Cambridge Health Alliance and also serves as a Clinical Instructor for the Family Medicine Residency Program at Tufts University School of Medicine.

A steadfast advocate for racial justice and equity, Renee is an active member of the New England Racial Justice Coalition, an organization focused on addressing health inequities caused by the systemic racism that exists in community bureaucracies.

Renee’s work in the Malden community has been invaluable to ABCD’s support of the working and low income community. She has connected ABCD to additional community partners and helped arrange for CHA to donate to ABCD holiday programs. Renee has consistently spoken out on the difficulties faced by Malden’s most vulnerable populations and demanded action to correct the race-based inequities these people contend with.


Special honoree and community hero portraits by

Nile Hawver/Nile Scott Studios