Marchelle Raynor

Women’s Service Club of Boston

“It’s gratifying to know you assisted in somebody’s life. We definitely need to uplift each other, especially with these trying times – by sharing information, being tolerant and being patient with others, and willing to use yourself as a resource. I’d encourage people to start with what interests them. There are a lot of opportunities, and you don’t have to look far.”

Retired social worker Marchelle Raynor stays active as a resident of Roxbury and member of the Highland Park community. She is known for her work with the Boston School Committee, and is a member of the Hawthorne Community Center Board of Directors. At 71-years-young Marchelle recently graduated from the first Boston Elder Academy class.  

She spent much of her career working with Roxbury Children’s Services, Boston City Hospital, and ABCD Head Start. She now serves on the City of Boston Scholarship Committee, giving select qualified residents of Boston the opportunity to attend college without financial burden for the first time or to continue their education.

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Special honoree and community hero portraits by

Nile Hawver/Nile Scott Studios