Joseph Cinelli

East Boston APAC

“For some of these people, the food they get is what they live on, and sometimes it hurts seeing people need help. Being Italian, I come from a big family and I got a big heart. So when they come in a bit uncomfortable, I make them smile. I do it from the heart. The hugs, the kisses, and the thanks – it’s all I need and that’s more than enough.”

A native of East Boston, Joseph Cinelli loves to see the people of his community happy.

With great pride, he hand decorated the community room at Heritage Apartments, ensuring his fellow senior residents have a vibrant common space to enjoy.

Joseph was nominated for his great enthusiasm and commitment as a volunteer for the East Boston APAC’s senior food distribution program.

Since his involvement three years ago, Joseph goes above and beyond to make sure food distribution runs smoothly. From unloading and sorting fresh produce and food, to making sure every client has enough groceries. He does his service with an infectious smile. His presence brings comfort to everyone he meets, making them feel welcomed and respected.

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Special honoree and community hero portraits by

Nile Hawver/Nile Scott Studios