John Crump

Harbor Point/Project Care & Concern

“People need family to visit them, especially senior citizens and our shut-ins. I lift them up. They are sad and don’t go out, so I take my time, and from the heart I’ll spend the day with them. I know how it is to not have family, so I’ll be their family and go with them to their appointments. Anything I can do, I will. I thank God for giving me this ability to help when people need that hand.”

Affectionately called the ‘Mayor of The Point’ by friends and neighbors, John Crump is motivated by faith and heart. He is a deacon at Blessed Hope Tabernacle in South Boston, and right hand man to Sister Joyce McMullen of Project Care & Concern.

John assists at the local food pantry and thrift shop every week. He often delivers groceries and meals to elderly residents and shut-ins.

With a great big smile he selflessly spends time with those who are in need of fellowship and company. He helps to distribute meals, donations, and gift baskets to those in need within his community during the holidays.


Special honoree and community hero portraits by

Nile Hawver/Nile Scott Studios